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The below photos were taken circa 1960s. A lot of our initial work in electronics came as a by-product of our involvement in the plastics industry. A large portion of this work was done for IBM, which included the fabrication of mainframe PCBs and assembly of handwoven core memory modules, which were the predecessor to computer RAM. We are happy to share these photos with you today so that you can get a taste of the birth of electronics manufacturing.


View of soldering (left) and applying epoxy to seal wires of electronic sub-assemblies.


Small printed circuits are produced on this automatic silk screening machine.
Screened circuits are etched in automatic machine.
Etched pieces are stripped of resist and trimmed to final shape.
  • Applying Epoxy to seal wires of electronics sub-assemblies
  • Applying Epoxy to seal wires of electronics sub-assemblies
  • View of hand soldering